First blog post

I’m starting this blog as a response to woodworking blogs everywhere that make good craftsmanship look easy, that assume you have a thousand dollars to get started making things for your home and family, and that showcase obnoxiously perfect dovetails. I hope to focus on the work of woodwork, not the business of woodwork.

This is a blog for the office-job worker, weekend hobbyists who read Christopher Schwarz’s blog at Popular Woodworking regularly and can’t help but spot the humble brag in his acknowledgement of his shortcomings.  Look at that stool!  I mean, come on!  This is for anyone who has read Joshua T. Farnsworth’s Tool Buyer’s Guide and decided that buying 19 tools and making a Moravian workbench before STARTING to build any actual furniture for your 1950’s split-level is probably not in the household budget.  Of course he is a traditional woodworker — his name is Farnsworth for Christ’s sake!

After baby clothes and throw pillows, if you have, maybe, just MAYBE, $60 dollars a month left over for tools and materials then this blog is for you. Sorry Lie-Nielsen.  If you don’t have have the month of Saturdays necessary to build Tom Fidgen’s saw bench from plans, and you’re not going to spring for the $145 version he sells as a kit, we can be pals.

I hope to showcase some of my work on this site so that you can feel better about yours.  We can diagnose woodworking problems (drift when rip sawing, gaps in dovetails, mice in my tool drawer) and make each other feel better about using pine, poplar, and far fewer tools than Mr. Studley managed to fit into his chest.

My next post will be my tool buying guide to get you started working with hand tools for less than Joshua T. Farnsworth spends on facial moisturizer in a month.

With all that said, back to work!


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